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hand_volunteer_0Ninety Days of Love Crisis Center will market the Foster Care Programs to positions itself to attract those youth who about to age out and who have aged out of the foster care program. We will partner up of with foster care parents and others who are most passionate in serving their community and our youth. Recruitment of volunteers come from a diverse group including Mentorship programs, former foster care adults, college students, retirees and anyone who wants to show their support for our youth through service.

By partnering with Foster care program and foster care parents, male and females, college through retirees, all ethnicity and individuals with disabilities. Volunteers are recruited, selected and trained based on their desire to serve, skills that they bring to Ninety Days of Love Crisis Center. We will continually recruit and focus on those having an interest in serving their community streets.

We Focus on Prevention w/ Our Outreach Programs

Ninety Days of Love prevention factors into outreach efforts as well. Our residents and staff members visit schools and youth programs each year - connecting  Age-Out Foster Care youth to services they may need.  Often Ninety Days of Love residents share their personal stories to other youth.

It's about telling youth it's not just where you have been, but where you are going.  When youth here at Ninety Days of Love walk out these doors they will know they have been Truly Loved."

– Ninety Days of Love Outreach Staffer