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Crisis Center

Everything we do at Ninety Days of Love begins with 90 days of "true love," an open door 365 days a year, 24/7 and caring staff members saying to each youth, "we're here to serve you with True Love."  When youth come to Ninety Days of Love, the first step is to address their Immediate Needsa warm meal, a shower, and the chance to sleep in a bed and to wear clean clothes.

However, our Crisis Center involves much more than just fulfilling these basic needs – it's about building a foundation of safety and trust that, for many youth, has been completely eroded by their past of  life on the streets.

For Eligible Age-Out Foster Care Youth - Phase II is a Tough but Incredible Journey

There are rules to be observed and expectations are high.  Ninety Days of Love counselors are there along the way in the role that parents normally play – making sure the youth fulfill their responsibilities and offering assistance whenever needed. During their stay, residents have ongoing access to counseling services as well as educational and vocational programs.  Some of these programs and services are part of our Crisis Care, and others come into play once a young person has moved on to our Phase II Apartment Complex Program.

This continuum of care ensures that all our residents' needs are individually addressed from the minute they walk through our doors to the moment they return to the community as successful adults.  Phase II programs offer job training for our youth, working with community partnerships to teach customer service and job skills.

Developing and Implementing a Continuum of Care

At any point, Age-Out Foster Care youth can choose not to commit to a Ninety Days of Love program – we leave the choice up to them. But if they do decide to stay, Ninety Days of Love staff will develop an individual case plan tailored to each youth' needs.

These plans help guide youth who are aging out of foster care and off the streets to give them the tools they need to lead happy and successful lives. By providing a continuum of care that ranges from job training to grief counseling, from GED classes to the Mother-to-Mother program, we provide support for every phase of a youth’s journey at Ninety Days of Love.