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Being a good mother is one of the toughest jobs in the world, and it's almost impossible when you are young, homeless, and without family. That is why our Mother-to-Mother program was created to help these determined mothers to secure a brighter, more stable future for themselves and their babies.

Ninety Days of Love mothers motivate each mother to work hard toward achieving independence. Our mothers are available to help them create a plan for their future by lending an ear and offering advice or sometimes by being a stern voice, if circumstance calls for it.

footResidents in the Mother-to-Mother program attend workshops in parenting skills, child-bearing, and single parenthood, and we work to make sure the girls understand the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle – both for themselves and their children.

Ninety Days of Love Mother-to-Mother program also offers free on-site day care so that our mothers can complete their education or hold down a job. And our girls depend on one another as well, setting up schedules for shared baby-sitting. Living with other young mothers helps them bond, learn from each other, and gain a sense of family they probably have never experienced before.