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For youth with no healthcare, access to medical staff at Ninety Days of Love is a precious resource. And if someone comes to us with a medical crisis, no matter what the time of day, the clinic will provide immediate care. This initial medical visit allows us to give youth the psychiatric care they need. From there, we can assess if an individual might benefit from one of our unique mental health programs if needed.

General Healthcare

All new residents receive physical exams within 72 hours after they arrive at a Crisis Center.  Our doctors and nurses provide immediate healthcare service on-site or refer patients to local hospitals, clinics, or medical centers. Age out foster care Youth can find the care they need, whether it's medical, psychological, psychiatric, optometric, dental, or other special services. Often Ninety Days of Love staff will accompany youth to outside healthcare providers to make sure the youth understand the provider's questions and instructions and to offer support in a stressful situation.

Mental Health Services

A vital component of our healthcare program is mental health services.  Most youth aging out of foster care struggle with serious mental health problems that require a range of psychiatric services. We're working to further improve the services we offer through continuing staff training, expanding our counseling schedules, developing psycho-educational life skills workshops, providing recreational activities for the mentally ill, and more.

Substance Abuse Services

Many youth turn to drugs or alcohol to cope with their difficulties of life in foster care or on the streets, and the circumstances that landed them there. Ninety Days of Love sites will provide some level of substance abuse assistance on-site, including counseling, therapy, education, and support groups. Staff members also refer clients to other clinics and hospitals for more comprehensive services, such as inpatient detoxification, residential rehabilitation, outpatient rehabilitation, and counseling.