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Ninety Days of Love Crisis Center for homeless youth who have aged-out of foster care and Undocumented Youth.  Credentialing: Employers often have difficulty understanding how our youth have survived through all they have gone through and be able to relate to civilian employment and careers. Ninety Days of Love Phases I and Phase II will help youth obtain credentials that help document their skills to success in life.  Ninety Days of Love trained staff know how to interpret youth’ education and training records to determine how training and experience translates to civilian occupations.  Our staff are trained to identify civilian credentials that reflect the occupations and skills listed in the training record and the steps the youth must complete to earn the credential.

Life skills

Many of our youth need help with the transition from a strict un-human, unloved, and disrespected, drug controlled environment to an independent, loved, respected, drug free and self-reliant environment. Life skills instruction can include time and stress management, personal finances, family relationships, health and wellness and communication skills.  Ninety Days of Love Crisis Center members will learn how to determine if a youth needs life skills training and provide a supportive environment after training.

Personal Marketing

Ninety Days of Love Crisis Center staff will learn the process used to help youth make a better impact on potential employers. This includes high impact resumes, cover letters, thank you letters, business cards and "Who am I thirty seconds" speeches. It also includes how to develop a personal job search network.

Job Search and Placement

Ninety Days of Love Crisis Center staff will teach youth to use job search techniques that have a high probability of success. They will learn which job search engines are youth friendly and how to help youth navigate government hiring processes. Staff will learn how to develop partnerships with state agencies, staffing organizations and youth-friendly employers that increase the probability of a youth being placed in a jobs and schools. Ninety Days of Love Crisis Center will also help provide child care in our Ninety Days of Love Childcare Center for loved little ones support services for youth searching for employment or who want to enroll in college or vocational studies.

Transitional Housing

Ninety Days of Love Crisis Center has a three parts the first part of the transitional home Mother-to-Mother Program is for youth who had a baby with them or in foster care.  It will be to aid in teaching them to love and care for their babies with the help of counselors and a well trained and supportive staff mother, we will provide a safe and stable residential environment for mom and baby.  Part two will be for youth without children as well as undocumented youth to contact back with their families through the transitional home.  Part three will be for our male youth to aid them with support and additional resources provided by a network of professional support service agencies. Using the scattering housing method, we will utilize this established to house and provide safety for mom and baby.

Youth Development

Ninety Days of Love Crisis Center has developed a unique approach to helping our age out foster care youth and undocumented youth by offering counseling classes, education support services, grant and funding services to apply to college or vocational needs. Donation from private sector will enabled us to begin establishing college funds through Saving Bonds for Education (Series EE Saving Bonds). Several of our current Ninety Days of Love case managers are formal foster care adults who are sensitive to the great need and issues our youth have faced.

However, we want to ensure that all staff and volunteers understand the challenges our youth and undocumented youth face. Our case manager and staff development efforts include the use of workshops and mentoring to provide each of our youth with on-going access to career counselors, social workers and mental health professionals who routinely work with youth. Ninety Days of Love Crisis Center case managers will meet as a group twice each month for a full-day of training. Each workshop will began with a reflection exercise that helps promote a desire for lifelong community service.

Built into each workshop will be time for case managers to discuss their service with other case managers and a private Face Book group page will allow staff to provide ongoing insight into the service we provide in the community.  Day-to-day responsibility for Ninety Days of Love Crisis Center staff rests with supervisors who will receive orientation training concerning their responsibilities before they join the team. The program manager will have primary responsibility for ensuring case managers and staff compliance with organizational rules and responsibilities.

For Age out Foster Youth Who is Eligible for Phase II, It's a Tough but Incredible Journey

There are rules to be observed and expectations are high.  Ninety Days of Love counselors are there along the way in the role that parents normally play – making sure that youth fulfills their responsibilities and offering assistance whenever needed. During their stay, residents have ongoing access to counseling services as well as educational and vocational programs.  Some of these programs and services are part of our crisis care, and others come into play once a young person has moved on to our Phase II Apartment Complex Program. This continuum of care ensures that all our residents' needs are individually addressed from the minute they walk through our doors to the moment they return to the community as successful adults.  Phase II programs job training for our youth, working with community partnerships to teach customer service and job skills.