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Education GED Preparation and Educational Programs for Youth


A good education is fundamental to achieving financial independence as well as a successful career and life. Ninety Days of Love offers educational programs that allow our young people to follow dreams they never thought were possible.

Our Education Programs Begin with an Assessment

As youth enter our shelters, they are given an educational assessment as part of their intake evaluation. Helping youth get a high school diploma or GED is a key factor in preparing them for a successful independent life. Without a diploma or proper job training, youth are often unable to find employment that pays enough to cover the basic costs of living – such as rent – and they will continue to be at high risk for homelessness in the future.

All our locations offer guidance, structure, and support to help youth move forward with their education. Ninety Days of Love sites offer services including tutoring, remedial education groups, and flexible on-site GED preparation classes as an alternative to a high school diploma for those unable to attend high school due to age requirements or scheduling.