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We work to prevent Age-Out Foster Care Youth from entering into the streets and to move toward better lives by providing safe and stable housing, solid educational foundation, and sustained employment.

We find youth in need through our Foster Care Social Service workers, DFACS and Foster Care Parents, our Street Outreach Program (Love on Wheels), through our Crisis Hotline, and Walk - Ins.

Many youth discover our services via word of mouth from peers and professionals in our communities. When they come in to our Crisis Center for help, we welcome them with open arms.


  • Healthcare
  • Substance Abuse Counseling
  • Behavioral Health Treatment
  • Educational Services
  • Employment Training
  • Two Year-Term Transitional Living – what we call our Phase II Ninety Days of Love Apartment Complex Program.

During our time of serving, we will serve more than 200 hundred youth in our first year. We hope to assist in being one of the largest providers serving Age-Out Foster Care Youth, servicing our communities year round.

We believe that we must constantly measure and assess our performance serving our youth so that we can continually strive to improve the outcomes that we help our youth achieve.

In order to do that, we believe that we must first understand the challenges facing all Age-Out Foster Care Youth today, then understand the challenges facing youth we serve, and finally rigorously assess the effectiveness of the services we provide.

Through our Ninety Days of Love Crisis Center, LLC Institute we have developed a series of research reports in collaboration with academic partners that describe the characteristics of youth in the United States and in the state of Georgia where we are headquartered.

We believe in our youth – and our commitment to them – to believe, achieve and dream all things are possible.