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Youth, who have aged-out of foster care, are undocumented or have run away from an abusive home life often live on the streets because they can't afford to pay rent.  Most have been thrown out of their family's home or have become orphaned, and can't find jobs that will pay them a living wage that will make ends meet.

Since youth are usually either school dropouts or still completing their education, they don't have the skills and experience necessary to find jobs in which they can earn more than the minimum wage. The amount of money they can earn is usually just a fraction of the fair-market cost of rent.

Ninety Days of Love will strive to advocate for a better living wage and low-income housing laws so that youth can break free from the vicious wage-versus-rent cycle in which they often find themselves.

We also work diligently with each and every youth who turns to us to develop their education and work skills – and better their income potential.