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Age-Out Foster Care Youth entering Ninety Days of Love have little knowledge of their own Rights and Protections under the Law

If we learn that a youth needs legal aid during the intake process, our staff lawyer can immediately provide assistance in obtaining a restraining order or identity changes to protect against predators. We can also help deal with unresolved legal issues that may stand in the way of a youth becoming a successful, employed adult.

Many Kids Move from Foster Care to Homelessness as They Turn 18

Every year, 20,000 kids in foster care are left to care for themselves because they are too old and no longer qualify for placement with foster families.  Most 18-year-olds haven't yet developed strong-enough life skills to enable them to live on their own, and kids coming out of foster care are usually even less prepared for independent living.

JCY-beyond-18-infographic-logoMore than one-third of these kids never finish high school, and many don't have jobs.

Their rates of arrest, health problems, and welfare dependency are far higher than those of the population as a whole – as is their rate of homelessness.